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Welcome to Unibet!


Unibet is different from the rest. We were born out of a singular passion for sports betting. It all started 20 years ago when a savvy bettor from Sweden, Anders Strom, created and shared his own analysis to help other bettors, his kindred spirits, make more informed bets. From this humble beginning, we continue to be the experts in understanding what our kindred spirits need to make bets that enhance their experience across every sport, and casino play.


As bettors, we know all about the excitement that comes with having some skin in the game. When someone is more passionately engaged, sure, they may exhibit some odd behavior. But to fellow bettors, like us, it’s not odd… it’s the odds. So whether that’s taking the over on a football game, or placing money on which team will score the first goal, or a spin of the roulette wheel, let your excitement go. No judgements here.

We also know sometimes the win can slip away. Buzzer beaters, 2-out, 2-strike grand slams, the dealer sitting on 16 and drawing a 5 – we all lose sometimes, so bet responsibly, and set limits for yourself. At Unibet we’re all about quality intel and making the right move, and that includes knowing your bet limits, to protect yourself.


Provide Entertainment

We’ll provide the broadest range of sports betting offers and casino games, allowing you to find the wager or game that excites you most.

Bring Expertise

We’ll share our knowledge and insights to help you make informed bets.

Deliver Innovation

We’ll continuously work on optimizing our mobile-first platform to give you the best user experience wherever and whenever you decide to play.  

Push Responsibility

We’ll always encourage you to bet responsibly. We offer tools to manage your gambling, and we also prioritize Customer Service, helping you get the most from your account.