Our Most Noteworthy Winners

The dream of a big win is alive and well at Unibet Casino!

Each day players flock to our casino to play their favorite slot and table games. Regardless of the fun and excitement this brings, the feeling of a big win makes it that much sweeter!

This page is dedicated to some of our more noteworthy winners as of late. We congratulate you and hope you thoroughly enjoy the extra cash in your pocket!


All Time Big Wins

Win Multiplier Stake Game Title
$350k Mega Jackpot $6.75 Jackpot Shores
$320k Jackpot $20 Mercy Of The Gods
$293k Jackpot Bonus Spin Divine Fortune
$266k Jackpot Bonus Spin Mercy Of The Gods
$250k Jackpot $250 Wheel Of Fortune Hawaiian Getaway


Recent Winners

Win Multiplier Stake Game Title
$214k Jackpot $2k Divine Fortune
$157k Jackpot Bonus Spin Divine Fortune
$293k Jackpot Bonus Spin Divine Fortune
$194k Jackpot $90 Divine Fortune
$150k Jackpot Bonus Spin Divine Fortune


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Player Testimonials


I couldnt believe it when I saw all the coins fill the little holes on the screen for 320k in cash from a $20 bet. Who needs Vegas when you can stay in PA and live that Vegas lifestyle from the comfort of your own home

I was shocked and couldnt believe I had just hit the jackpot! I still am in disbelief that I won $250k cash. This was my first time ever hitting for such a large chunk of change!

Ive won a few nice jackpots before but never thought I would ever win a jackpot like this. I almost hit my head on the ceiling as I was jumping for joy I was that excited. It was quite a thrill that I never will forget, thank you Unibet!!

When asked what he would do with his $80k payday Nick responded... Honestly I dont really know. I was in shock when I won. I plan on saving the money for my nearly 2 year old daughter. College isn't getting cheaper!





from Pittsburgh, PA

from Pottstown, PA

from Reading, PA

from Scranton, PA





I love playing Unibet online. They have a great array of games to choose. I hit a big jackpot on December 24 and I had to look twice to make sure I was really seeing it.

I was beyond shocked when I won the jackpot from Divine Fortune, it was 1:00 in the morning I was getting ready to go to bed for work in the morning, I finishing my last $14 and I hit the JACKPOT!! Needless to say I didn't make it to bed until the wee hours of the morning. I cant tell you how helpful this money is... not only for me, but several people... thank you Unibet!! I would like to give a great big shout-out for the customer care I was given from everyone I have spoke with at UNIBET you have truly made me feel like a winner!

The BEST site for online gambling hands down. I couldnt believe the prize until I saw my bank account two days later. Great games, easy transaction, and loads of fun!!!

Just won a really nice jackpot what a way to start the new year! Unibet is by far the top online gambling site with lots of games to choose from and Ive noticed jackpots are won frequently. Unibet rock!



Michael Ken

from Pittsburgh, PA

from Quakertown, PA

from Pottsville, PA



The stars definitely aligned for this one. I was in PA on a business trip and decided to try my luck while I had some down time. Was not expecting to hit a mega jackpot!!

I was in complete shock and I thought I read it wrong when it showed what I won! Love Unibet!

Wow I just hit a BIG jackpot win on Unibet slots. I?ve always enjoyed playing all my favorite games on Unibet but hitting big jackpots like this make it all the more sweet and their Customer Service staff were very helpful as they walked me through collecting my big win! Thank you Unibet!!

I spend so much money on the app and I win occasionally here and there. Divine fortune is my go-to game and I always sit, play, and wonder, "How would I react if I won the jackpot" "would I tell anyone", "could it ever really happen to me?". So, as I sit there playing and I filled the coins and waited for the last one I never expected the final coin to come up. I was in shock, shaking, and didn't know what to do. I IMMEDIATELY told everyone in the room excitement does not begin to describe the feeling. Never have I won a hand payout before. $54,000 is life changing for me and I cannot begin to thank Unibet enough.



Mike S.

Sarah H